Q: What's a limo bus?

A: A limo bus is like a party on wheels with all of the entertainment and bar top features within. It's the length of a regular limousine vehicles but it has the height and space of a bus.

Q: What's inside each vehicle exactly?

A: In each limo bus, there are many entertainment, navigational, and safety features within. There are big screen TVs, GPS, loud audio systems, among many other great amenities. Check out the vehicles page for more details on each vehicle.

Q: Are there any discount pricing available?

A: Depending on the time of the year, the day of the week, and the time of the day, there are some differences in pricing. Ask our agents when you call about any specials or discounts.

Q: Can we drink booze on the limo?

A: Yes, alcohol is allowed as long as everyone in the party is of legal drinking age.

Q: Do we bring our own alcoholic drinks.

A: Yes, none will be supplied.

Q: Is smoking allowed on the limo?

A: There is no smoking allowed on the limo.

Q: Is food allowed?

A: Yes, but keep it clean. If we have to clean anything up, there will be a clean up fee added.

Q: Do I need to put down any sort of deposit?

A: When confirming the reservation, a valid credit card will need to be on file.

Q: Should we tip the driver at all?

A: YES! Please do! If you do, pay them in cash at the beginning or end of the rental.

With us you get:
  • 24 hour operations on limo service
  • 24 hour availability to contact us
  • Luxurious limos for groups of any size
  • State of the art features in each vehicle
  • A service area that extends across Delaware
  • Affordable prices on limos and buses
  • A fine selection of vehicles for all events